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energy work


When your body hurts, or doesn’t feel good or relaxed, there is a message for you in that pain or discomfort.

Your body hears everything your mind says!

Strong emotions block the flow of energy that feed life inside our body. By denying and repressing our feelings, we store them in our bodies in the form of contractions and tensions. The way we think about what is happening in our lives is influencing the way our energy flows.

There is a different way to treat the symptoms in the body, by treating all the body-mind-emotions energy system as a whole, connecting to the message hidden in the contraction.


We can also untie the knots of energy from the blocked chakras or meridians through meditative and energetic disciplines. Once untied, the natural capacity of the body to heal itself will be freed, and your sensitivity to feel the energy in your body will be improved.

Working together, we will connect on an energetic level, diagnose the blocks and improve the natural flow of life energy. I will help you to connect with the emotions that could relate with your physical blocks and release them.

The core of this work is to accept and love ourselves, and to stop judging, hiding and repressing our feelings and needs. I will accompany you to find the simplest ways you can express your emotions in a safe and sensitive way in your day-to-day life, to prevent the future blocks in your energy, your body and your mind.

When you come to realize your damaging patterns of thinking and how your body reflects your mind, you may decide “is time to be happy, just because it is good for your health”.

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