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Sometimes, we find ourselves very busy doing a lot of addictive things to avoid looking inside. Working too much, eating too much, saving others, going out, or being on social networks all the time, alcohol, drugs, or compulsive sex. These can be ways to run away from our inner needs.

Once you realize your work or normal habits cannot really help you release the pain inside, don’t punish yourself and don’t worry. Find time for yourself. Relax, breath and smile.

Sometimes it is not so easy to listen to the silence inside ourselves. It may bring up pain we don’t want to feel, truth we don’t want to know and solutions we don’t have the courage for. But under the struggle, there is calm and peace and balance inside your mind, your heart and your body. I will support you to find that space in meditation.

The new way of living life in touch with your inner truth through meditation will calm your emotions and relax your mind and your body. You will feel lighter, happier, balanced and grounded in your life.

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