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Unconscious Anger

Whenever we swallow an injustice, or feel disrespected or humiliated and we don’t own and express our ANGER, that energy stays with us. Instead of recognizing what is happening inside, we try to ignore the feeling and push it away, but usually we keep on talking in our head about what happened.
Sometimes the energy gets stuck in our throat and we find more and more difficult to talk.
We go on with our life, but faced with an upsetting situation, like a traffic jam, we come to react in an exaggerated manner. Or, unfortunately, we find a victim to whom we express all our repressed anger. The perfect victims are children or weaker persons, subalterns, or anybody who we know they can’t react properly to our actions. And we do this unconsciously; hurting the persons we love the most, the persons who are not able or willing to defend themselves.
It is such a sad reality, instead of being in the moment and respond to the person who hurt us, we keep on holding to anger and release it in front of innocent people!

The anger is an emotion like any other. We have the right to feel it without judging and labeling ourselves as bad or violent persons. When somebody steps over our boundaries we have the right to feel the NO inside us and express it in the moment, from the vulnerable space of our truth:
-“Please stop doing this to me, it makes me feel angry! I feel hurt, I feel disrespected!”
If it is not repressed, the anger can be expressed without violence, in a straight, honest way. We can make things clear and establish our boundaries.
If this is not possible to do, or if it is too late, we can still choose to punch a pillow, to scream in the car on the highway, or to go out for a jog or for an intense physical activity, while asking ourselves:
-“What is happening to me? What made me feel angry? What do I need?” It could help to share with a trusted friend, and ask for support.

We are all fragile inside and we all need love and care. Sometimes we get hurt by ignorance and mistake.
People who hurt others are usually people who have been also hurt a lot. They might be carrying old wounds from their childhood. They are the people who normally need love most, even if their behavior sends a completely different message. Misunderstandings can make us hurt each other, most of the time without realizing it. Let’s open our heart to each other, share our feelings and ask for love and respect instead!

In therapeutic work, like AUM meditation created by Veeresh, the founder of Humaniversity, we can find the space where we can allow ourselves to express anger in a safe environment, and even enjoy its power and energy! By feeling it totally, we will find it easier to recognize the anger in our day-to-day life, own it, and be able to express it without hurting others.
We sometimes need to become first the masters of our anger, and from there to be able to decide to consciously step out of it, and refill the cleaned space in our heart with love, joy and kindness.

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