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write my dissertationAs a child, I used to believe in angels. When I was feeling scared, lost and lonely, I use to imagine a presence on my back supporting me to trust that nothing bad was allowed to happen to me.

As a teenager, I discovered the power of thought. I was sure that if I could visualize exactly what I wanted, that thing will emerge into my life. I was excited to practice my power and control.

When I approached 40, I realized that even I was living the perfection I projected so accurately, I buy an essay online was not happy. I was living in a beautiful sand castle, and I could see myself from outside for the first time, playing my role in that “perfect” life.

I understood that I must stop that mind-controlling game, and that I must start listening to my heart. To act, to speak, to live according to what I really feel, to be honest and to ask for what I really need. There was no other choice. There was no more  fear of loosing something anymore; the pain inside was just too hard to deal with.

Step by step, guided by beautiful people, I started to learn how I could listen more the messages coming from my heart and my body, and let outline paper myself be less driven by the mind. I started to judge myself less, and love and accept myself more.

Now I start to discover more than that. It is the feeling that there are no boundaries between myself and others, between myself and Nature. Messages are not coming only from inside me, but from the dilated space comprising everything. I’m still exploring, for the moment.

A playful idea makes me smile: what if here, now, I will find Angels, mind, heart and body, nature and people, all together? Or maybe even more? buy research paperphd dissertation Check Out Here custom assignment writing services.

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