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fast cash online com ua 2016 – Working wih People – Holistic Counselling Therapist Training / Rafia Morgan and Turiya Hanover

2016 – CranioSacral Therapy Upledger Institute

2015 – Barakah, basic trust – advanced program POL – Rafia Morgan and Turiya Hanover

2015 – Men & Women on the Pathy of Love – advanced program POL

2015 – Tantra Training part 1 – Homa and Mukto

2014 – One to One – How to give individual sessions – Humaniversity

2014 – Path of Love – with Alima and Samved, Afroz

2014- Tan-Ju school for teenagers- First Degree Tan-Ju Trainer – Humaniversity

2014 – Acuenergetics Training- Accurate Energy Medicine ( level 3) – with Kevin Farrow (

2014 – Educational Psychology – Train the trainers – Gifted Education – Florian Colceag

2014 – AUM Meditation Leader Training – Humaniversity Certification for AUM

2013 – Social Meditation Leader Training – Humaniversity Certification for Social Meditations

2013 – Primal Training – Meeting the Child Inside you – with Premarta and Svarup

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2013 – PRIMAL – childhood deconditioning – TANTRA – sexual deconditioning
with Premarta and Svarup (

2012-2013 – Fundamentals of Coaching – with Alain Cardon (

2012 – Train the Trainers (certified by the Ministry of Labour, Family and Equal Opportunities and the Ministry of Education, Research, Innovation, Youth and Sports) – Extreme Training

2012 – Acuenergetics – Accurate Energy Medicine ( I and II) – with Kevin Farrow (

2012 – Colon Health Wellness Week – level 1 – (health training for basic understanding in holistic health and well being) – with Sangitama

2012 Tantralife training module 1 – The meditative sexuality – with Radha

2011-2014 Humaniversity programs (

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