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dissertation editing“There are no such things as coincidences. People don’t just enter into our life by chance.

I was living a new life, which recently I have chosen. I was happy with it, but still I needed some help. I had the feeling that every day I was trying to solve a puzzle promising a beautiful picture of my life. I thought a piece was probably missing, because the puzzle didn’t want to show his final image. Looking for the missing piece, I knocked, faitful, at the first door. Anda was there. I looked into her eyes, I felt her energy and I instantly knew I was in the right place.

Anda, she’s all heart. A beautiful heart, strong and wise. I admire the way she walks like a beautiful lioness, graceful and powerful in the perfect measure.

From her I’ve learned to cherish every moment of life, because she didn’t allow me to waste a moment of her time.

From her I’ve learned that nothing was missing in my life. I stopped trying to do that puzzle, because to try is to delude yourself that you are doing something when in fact you know exactly what you have to do, and still you are not doing it. So I simply finished it, and the picture is truly wonderful.

From Anda I’ve found out that it is true that I am crazy, weird, out of any pattern. And this isn’t something to be fixed, because it is absolutely fantastic.

With Anda I started to dream like a child again, fearless, irrational, with all my heart. She reminded me that life is wonderful and that absolutely nothing is impossible. I realized that I was about to forget all this.

We always need help. We just have to ask for it, and to receive it with our heart open. The doors are opening in front of us, we just have to knock trusting and courageous.

Anda was the clear mirror where I could see the reflection of the best version of myself. It was exactly what I needed for a new start on the path of my life, this time without hesitation. Because now I know exactly where I’m going.”


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