Meet Anda

Meet Anda


Anda Hobai

  • I am passionate about empowering people. One of my strongest expertise is guiding you to the process of understanding what your needs are, expressing them clearly and setting healthy boundaries
  •  I am curious to find out who you really are, at the core of your beautiful being, and to honor that essence.
  •  I love the naked truth, and I love to challenge you to connect with the source of your energy and passion, with your joy, trust and love, in alignment with your true purpose
  • I believe that at the core of our being lie our first childhood memories and experiences, the root of our life vision. By healing inner reality, we are free to live the life we have always wanted.
Professional Development

Mother, wife, architect, counselor, coach, trainer – are some of the roles I embody in my life.

Behind all this, there is a vulnerable, curious, courageous and rebel soul, always ready for new challenges and new perspectives, animated by the miracle of life.

10 years ago, life pulled me along the path of exploring the shadows of the subconscious mind – anger, fear, pain, despair, self-judgment. Together with all those demons hidden in the dungeon of my soul, a door opened to the most sublime feelings of joy, love, aliveness and spiritual upraise. I have travelled around the world to find the best teachers and therapists and I have had the chance to connect with abundant knowledge and wisdom from different healing practices, through more than 2500 hours of training and meditation programs.

I am a certified ANC SIAF Holistic counselor, relationship counselor, systemic coach and a mediation facilitator.

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