You will benefit from my full attention and experience, in a holding space where you will feel free to safely unfold your thoughts, worries, needs and desires. You will feel received, held and accepted in totality, and encouraged to pursue your needs.


Create a clear vision of your goals, develop an actionable plan to get there, remove the limitations and walk on the path of your true purpose with confidence!


There is wisdom, clarity, calm and balance inside your mind, heart and body; when you unleash your energy, you connect with the inner healing resources, with your power and grounded stability.

I will guide you to find them!

If you are not sure

Super simple self-coaching
Super simple self-counselling
Super simple relationship counselling

Reasons to approach me for counselling +

Psychosomatic stress, like body pain, contractions, or illness.

If you want to understand the message hidden by your physical condition, you need to find out what your body is trying to tell you.

Restlessness, revolving thoughts and incapacity to relax and enjoy your life.

Addictive behaviors, incapacity to follow your best interest.

Finding yourself in the same negative situation over and over again.

Relationship issues.

Emotional issues.

Reasons to approach me for coaching +

I need help to determine appropriate action steps that will allow me to meet my goals.

I want to make changes in my life/career  / relationship

I want to become better with people and improve my relationships

I want to increase my income

I need help to structure and organize my day in an efficient way

Reasons to approach me for meditation +

Everything feels too much to deal with.

I am looking for a daily practice to help you connect with your body and your emotions, and to find the natural flow of your body to express, relax, feel supported and heal.

I am looking for methods to help you deal with stress, anxiety, panic, loss of energy or with disassociation.

Acute psychosomatic stress, like body pain, contractions, or illness that need immediate release.

Restlessness, revolving thoughts and incapacity to relax and enjoy your life and to Connect with your grounded power and stability


Dancing Essence Meditation was a magical experience for me. All the ingredients of a special meditation were present: sage smell, special music, a space that made me feel safe and helped me open up towards all the emotions and feelings that followed: from joy, anger, aliveness, sadness, peace, flow, love. I went home singing and bursting into laughter. Thank you, Anda, for all your care and love you put into creating such a space.

“Dancing Essence Meditation a fost o experienta magica pentru mine. Toate ingredientele unei meditatii speciale au fost prezente: miros de salvie, muzica deosebita, un spatiu in care m-am simtit in siguranta si m-am deschis pentru toate emotiile si trairile ce au urmat: de la bucurie, furie, pofta de viata, tristete, pace, plutire, iubire. Am plecat acasa cantand si razand in hohote. Multumesc pentru toata grija si iubirea cu care ai creat un astfel de spatiu, Anda!”

Olivia Ciobotaru

The meditation proved to be a perfect solution for me, and the outcome was amazing and revealing. Usually I do not manage to meditate for too much time but through dance was like time vanished suddenly and I was in the center of Timeless Love. My body also felt free to move, to express without rules or shame in a safe space. Thank you, Anda! For your gentleness, warm, kindness, and endless love for the others. Your magical meditations sustain all of us on our way! Keep doing them!


Anda, she’s all heart. A beautiful heart, strong and wise. From her I’ve learned to cherish every moment of life, because she didn’t allow me to waste a moment of her time. From her I’ve learned that nothing was missing in my life. I’ve found out that it is true that I am crazy, weird, out of any pattern. And this isn’t something to be fixed, because it is absolutely fantastic. With Anda I started to dream like a child again, fearless, irrational, with all my heart. She reminded me that life is wonderful and that absolutely nothing is impossible. We always need help. We just have to ask for it, and to receive it with our heart open. The doors open in front of us, we just have to knock with trust and courage. Anda was the clear mirror where I could see the reflection of the best version of myself. It was exactly what I needed for a new start on the path of my life, this time without hesitation. Because now I know exactly where I’m going.”

Violeta Dinca
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