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  • If your desire is to be happy, aware of your real needs, and follow the plan of your true purpose…
  • If you want to discharge the past negative conditionings and to connect with your vulnerability, curiosity and courage…
  • If you are ready to challenge your personality traits and your life patterns, and discover new positive perspectives, in alignment with your true self..

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You will benefit from my full attention and experience, in a holding space where you will feel free to safely unfold your thoughts, worries, needs and desires. You will feel received, held and accepted in totality, and encouraged to pursue your needs.


Realizing what goes on in your mind, heart and body, will guide you to find your most powerful resources to overcome distress and release your energy, clarity and potential to create the life you have always wanted.


I will guide you to connect with your subconscious mind, and to find out what is really important to achieve on a soul level.

You will learn how to decode the messages coming from your body and to follow your intuition, to identify your emotions that drive you from subconscious, and to break the patterns that sabotage your happiness and your success.


If you notice irritability or loss of interest and enthusiasm in your life, it might mean that your expectations and desires are not met. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we compromise our life and we don’t dare to be ourselves. We are afraid to disappoint others, lose their love or respect, and we are not happy.


At the core of our being lie the memories of our childhood experiences, the root of our life vision. When healing comes from that deep space, we are free to live the life we have always wanted, liberated from our past and limitations.

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