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There is wisdom, clarity, calm and balance inside your mind, heart and body; when you unleash your energy, you connect with the inner healing resources, with your power and grounded stability.

I will guide you to find them!

Meditation is the practice that helps you connect with your body and download the messages hidden in the psychosomatic field.

If you are a dynamic person, it could be difficult for you to sit still in silence. Remember that there are amazing practices that encourage you to express your energy, to get in flow with your vibration, and to release the tensions and toxic emotions accumulated in your body.

Sometimes, there is too much happening in our lives and it’s just too difficult to hold all the frustration without an outgo.

Meditation is a safe space where you can physically experience your energy without restrictions or judgments. After the heaviness is lifted, we feel grounded and free to open up to vulnerability, happiness and connection with the universal source, calm and lightness.

Dance, shaking, catharsis, breathing, expressing with sounds or words are some of the ways to do it. We can tailor together your specific way to benefit from meditation.

If you are more of a still, calm person, in the practice of silence meditation you will learn to become the observer, and to pass through emotions without repressing anything, maintaining a state of calm, trust and self-acceptance.

This will help you balance your nervous system, enjoy the light of your being, and connect with the healing capacities of love and trust that bring balance and harmony into your life.

Strong emotions can block the flow of energy that feed life inside our body. By denying and repressing our feelings, we store them in our bodies in the form of contractions and tensions, and sometimes psychosomatic illness.

The awareness and the meditation will help you calm and relax your mind and your body.

You will feel lighter, happier, balanced and grounded and ecstatic in your life.

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